Kamal Aly

Front-End Developer


About Me

My name is Kamal. I am a senior student at Computer Engineering, Cairo University, and I am currently working as a Front-End Developer @

Web development has always been a favourite, creating beautiful websites with great user experience but still maintaining its simplicity has been an inspiration for me.

I developed some personal projects as a Full-Stack web developer until I switched to being a Front-End developer.


Front-End Developer

◉ Work with AngularJS on their web app product that will be released soon.

◉ Integrate my new added features with the backend.

◉ Make sure the web app is fully responsive on all resolutions and on iPad while supporting all browsers.

◉ Fix bugs all over the place !

Khatib & Alami

GIS Intern

◉ Used JavaScript to develop custom widgets for Esri Web App Builder.

◉ Used C# to develop a desktop application that converts JSON files to tabulated Microsoft word documents.


Cairo University

Fall 2014 - Present

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Coursework: Software Engineering, Data Structures & Algorithms, Advanced Programming Techniques, ... etc.

PortSaid British School

Fall 2011 - Fall 2014



Will be added soon.

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